La Oficina de Rendimiento Digital

El Servicio Gestionado de Mejora continua de las aplicaciones en producción con filosofía DevOps

Optimization technology and methodology, and management of your own Performance Office
Grey matter 100% specialized and focused on applications optimization for mainframe and distributed systems
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Do you already have an Application Performance Office?

Automate your Application Performance Office with our own technology, improve your methodology, dispose of a real-time monitoring and focus all your strategies and optimization activities to achieve scale economies that will allow you multiply your results

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You don’t have a Performance Office yet?

Learn about the advantages of having your own Performance Office rather than leaving the optimization responsibility to the applications developers themselves. It will certainly improve the quality of all the processes, you will have more time to evolve the critical applications for your business and improve your sales conversion

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Are you a chief performance officer?

Discover Orizon’s working method. Improve the notoriety of your work, automate data capture and its analysis, the “hidden” consumption TOPS and the inefficiencies with higher benefits, impact and lower cost. Simplify tasks so you can dedicate time to what really matters

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Dedicated exclusively to the applications performance management and its continuous improvement since 2007, we offer a global and unique insight into the market


Own innovative technology for the management and real-time monitoring of the Applications Performance Office


Methodology of the Application Performance Office adapted to different platforms, strategies and IT technologies, continuously fed with the latest market trends


Specialists team whose expertise and gray matter is 100% focused on the different applications optimization techniques


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