To maintain levels of excellence in the context of cost control and methodical order in the short, medium and long term.

The Digital Performance Office

The Performance Office is the service that offers an overview of the whole CMDB technological infrastructure, identifying the elements that affect your business goal every day, with a method based on technology which helps solve your problems of:



We reduce infrastructure operating costs, while also preventing new consumption increases from ocurring.



We improve response times and prevent time outs of operations executed by users.


SLA delivery

We ensure the processing of scheduling tables and their data delivery times to the network.

Your reliable third party in your relationship with development and technological infrastructure:


IT governance element with analytic information for decision making.
Clear and measurable return of investment, very competitive compared to other solutions.


Independent specialists who are unobtrusive, flexible, innovators, always in touch with your team and maintaining the operation remotely.


Flexible service models adapted to the needs of each client.
To success, with a base line or set price per component. 

We improve the efficiency of your infrastructure

Greater use due to digitisation means that applications require greater processing power from infrastructures, consuming much more CPU and pushing the infrastructure closer to the end of its useful life.


zOS infrastructure:
We reduce and limit the increase in consumption of chargeable MIPS, solving problems of peaks that exceed the base line and sometimes make it necessary “to rent more machinery” to meet consumption on key dates.

Distributed Systems:
We dampen the increase in COREs and licenses by reducing the consumption of applications. Another added problem we also solve is the impact of processing in distributed systems and their interaction with zOS systems due to migrations and partial downsizing, which create consumption through intraplatform calls.

Cloud environments:
We take on the needs to increase the capacity plan, ensuring that your OPEX does not grow due to the greater volume requirements of computer engine, loops or MSU.

We guarantee availability and response to the users

Growth in consumption slows down channel operations and moves systems closer to their obsolescence, by not being able to handle petitions that exceed the operable transaction peak.


We detect and deal with excessive response delays from servers and applications, preventing the generation of time outs and the rejection of operations, kicking the client off the system.

Online operations:
We improve user experience by speeding up the transactions that affect channel services: queries, movements and product and service acquisition processes, reducing response times.

We speed up resolution times for user operations: card approval, online payments or cash withdrawal from ATMs.

We improve service quality in data delivery

The growing amount of data lengthens processing times and delays delivery times, compromising the opening of the online operation and external commitments.


SLA commitments:
We monitor and guarantee the delivery of the data required by regulatory bodies, aware that failure could result in penalties. Some bodies that require data are: the European Central Bank, among others.

Business SLA:
We solve office opening times, avoiding delays in the information used by the network to generate business opportunities. We also resolve delays in issuing remittances, invoices, payments and collection and payment POS terminals.
We ensure the delivery of data from the stock management and logistics for all types of goods, especially in fresh product management.

Management SLA:
We improve the delivery of the organisation’s internal information used for monitoring the business: reporting, account statements, collections, etc.