We optimise technological infrastructure performance through software correction.

Fewer than 2% of the elements are responsible for performance issues.

Our proposal: it is much more efficient to carry out 300 improvements in production than to try to establish a performance quality control system for 5 million operating hours per year.


Continuous monitoring

Evaluating 100% of the elements together with new developments being deployed in production.

Detecting those that seriously impact your business goals, in terms of efficiency, SLA, availability and response time. In all the Online and Batch environments, as well as the whole infrastructure with a CMDB overview.


Identifying and fixing

We improve CPU consumption and response times by up to 50% in zOS systems and 70% in distributed and cloud systems, by mean of small code modifications.

We identify more than 270 different inefficiencies inside the elements found to affect performance: technical design, physical design, planning and implementation.


Analytic ROI of the result

We measure every single action in terms of savings: time, ensuring agreed business points and deliveries and their ROI in cost savings.

You will obtain dashboards with information on the actions and the impact on your business goal. With the possibility to use standard data such as APDEX or AQMETRIX.

90% of software components can be improved.

We find consumption: record highs, obsolete and unnecessary data processing.

The Digital Performance Office

We provide you with the continuous improvement cycle, both operational and strategic, resolving issues related to technological performance in relation with current software.


DevPerOps performance methodology

We have the unobtrusive and independent methodology for correction and management that can be deployed in your organisation’s lifecycle. We add the performance layer that DevOps needs, adapted to the level of maturity of the installation.

AIOPS DEMO BOA-orizon-performance

Own AIOps tool and performance DB 

The methodology is supported by our own tool with the capacity to manage changes in real time and AIOps technology which is unique in the market, focused on optimising production applications.